Beersun has been devoted to the research and development of bathing products. Based on ergonomic principles, Beersun Back Scrubbing Machine (nail-free adhesive), the first type produced in Mainland China, can provide good solutions for cleaning backs during bathing and have obtained several national technical patents. The skeleton changes of middle aged and elderly people make them feel inconvenient or unable to clean their backs as they get old. As a result, the accumulated oil dirts and cutin become their trouble. The product can not only clean their backs but also perform massage and magnet therapy during bathing. Many bulges and magnetic materials can effectively relieve the pains at lumbar vertebra, cervical vertebra, and periarthritis of shoulder. With Beersun Back Scrubbing Machine, bathing can be easy and enjoyable. 

Product patents

With powerful strength, Beersun has obtained several national product patents.