Beersun Back Scrubbing Machine

Clean massage:

The product can provide comfortable massage and magnet therapy for your back and clean it during bathing. 

Designed with ergonomic principles: 

Specific to users’ demands of removing accumulated oil dirts and cutin and performing back massage and magnet therapy during bathing, many bulges and magnetic materials can effectively relieve the pains at lumbar vertebra, cervical vertebra, and periarthritis of shoulder. 

Several internal springs are equipped: 

With uniform stress, these springs can effectively clean your back no matter how large the pressure is. And they can provide good buffering to greatly enhance the service life. 

Nail-free adhesive for easy installation: 

Nail-free adhesive is equipped at the back. It is waterproof, dampproof, and sticky. The installation can be finished by aligning a clean part on the wall and pressing it, which is rapid and convenient. 

Product patent: 

With powerful strength, Beersun has obtained several national product patents.